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CRYSTAL VISIONARY Michael G. Smith and Lin Westhorp have writtenCrystal Vision (formally known as Crystal Spirit).Learn how the miraculous technology of crystals canchange your life! Crystal Vision by Smith & Westhorpgives you what no other crystal book does- proventechniques and clear directions on how to make anduse dozens of crystal tools to control energy and dramatically improve your life, no matter what levelof technical expertise.( The directions are easy enough for a 6 year old to understand) This revised/expanded edition of Crystal Spirit will teach you howto use crystals in your car and home, where they willhave the most impact on your daily life. Beginnerswill find the techniques clearly outlined, with easy-to- follow pictures and diagrams. Advancedpractitioners will gain a fuller understanding of thepower of these magical helpers.This paperback book has265 pages

#0300508 - BOOK:CRYSTAL VISION.... $ 12.00
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