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Mondo Koosh Ball       

MONDO THREDZ - A KOOSH® Like Soft Ball  
The Koosh ® Ball like Thredz balls are bright colorful, soft balls that is fun to throw and catch.   The koosh Ball History
Hasbro, the manufacturer discontinued th e MONDO size of Koosh Balls.
This is the rainbow MONDO THREDZ - A Koosh ® like ball.
While it is link the original Mondo Koosh Ball, it is NOT manufactured by Hasbro and can't be Called MONDO KOOSH®BALL.

Click image for color choice.

When ordering please indicate , in the comments section of the order, the desired color combination. We will supply as our stock allows
Ages 3+   Size: 4.5"

  To See the   ORIGINAL   KOOSH BALL   - 3.5 inches
  To See More   KOOSH Items.
#4440006 - Mondo Koosh Ball Like.... Price: $ 9.98
  Sale Price: $ 5.95
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