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Peel Off Face TATTOO - Face painting is dramatic, creative and lots of fun!
Which means that even complete beginners can be pleased with the result of these easy to remove face Tattoo's. You can transform people into monsters or clowns or decorate their faces with flowers or exotic scenes or stylish designs to match clothing.
These water based paints are non toxic,peel-off and are easy to work with. With a little practice your face painting skills will soon be in great demand for parties, fetes, and fairs, Inspire yourself to get going, Create amazing faces of your OWN!
Each bottle is 3 oz . Non toxic and for ages 3 and up It comes in 6 colors: Violet, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Green.
When ordering please specify colors preferred and an alternative .

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#1380414 - PEEL-OFF FACE PAINT.... Price: $ 2.95
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