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Koosh Balls

KOOSH® BALLS   - The koosh ball started with a fuzzy rubber ball. 
The KOOSH BALL'S proven superb play value has made it a classic staple for both youngsters and adults.
The koosh Ball History    KOOSH BALLS are easy to catch and hard to put down.
The Koosh balls   are brightly colored balls aka Kosmic koosh ball which have an ageless quality!
Ages 3+. Size: 3.5 Inches
Available in the color combinations shown.
When ordering please indicate , in the comments section of the order, the desired color (numbers).
We will supply as our stock allows.

Click here   To See The ORIGINAL   Mini KOOSH BALL - 2.75 inches

Click here     To See   Mondo KOOSH BALL Like - 4.5 inches

  To See More   KOOSH   based   ITEMS .

#4441710 - Koosh Balls.... Was: $ 4.75
  Sale Price: $ 3.79

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