Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock
Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

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  • People used to be able to tell the time of year by looking at the phases of the moon, but dont worry if you cant, the Moon Phase Clock also features an accurate analog clock with quartz movement, and a calendar. Standing 9.5 inches tall and running virtually silent on the included 1 AA battery, this moon phase calendar clock will draw your eyes to it whether you place it on a desk, end table or bookshelf. The Moon Phase Clock is an eye catching realistic depiction of the moons phases.
  • Stylish matte black pedestal moon clock (color may vary)
  • Replicates the phases of the moon with a dark shield that rotates around a realistic image of the moons surface
  • Quartz movement moon clock
  • Calendar
  • The Moon Phase Clock Captures The Moon'S Many Phases - And Places Them Right On Your Desk! If You'Re Looking For A Cool Conversation Piece, Look No Further Than This Eye Catching Moon Clock. It Replicates The Moon'S Many Phases By Rotating A Matte Black Shield Around A Detailed Serigraphy Of The Moon. And Since Most Of Us Don'T Know How To Tell The Date Or Time Using The Phases Of The Moon, It Also Features A Quartz Movement Clock And A Calendar. The Movement Of This Moon Phase Calendar Clock Is So Quiet And The Etching Of The Moon So Realistic You Couldn'T Be Blamed For Thinking You'Re Staring Up At The Night Sky!