Mini Wave Paperweight Penguin

Mini Wave Paperweight Penguin

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    Gently move the liquid in the Mini Penguin Paperweight from side to side for a soothing experience.

    The motion of the waves will move the cute little penguins around.

    This cool liquid paperweight will hold down your papers when your boss storms into your office blowing hot air (and bad breath) around.

    The mini wave paperweight is a practical stress reliever that will add some color to your desk and brighten up your workspace.

    Dimensions: 2" x 3.75" x 1.125"

Watch as these cute and adorable little penguins sway side to side riding the small waves you create. Very soothing to watch and great use as a paperweight to keep all of your documents from flying off. Kids can spend hours of fun playing and shaking the toy around for hours to keep them entertained and adults can accessorize their desk with these two cute penguins. Portable and fun, take these two surfing penguins anywhere you go!